How will President Trump’s Executive Order affect refugees in America?

  • If you are already a refugee in the United States, this order will have no effect on your legal status. You still have the same legal status. You can still apply for a Green Card after one year of residence and apply for U.S. citizenship after five years of residence.
  • If you are waiting for a family member to be resettled to the United States or to join you through family reunification, it will probably now take them longer to come to the United States and new procedures may make the process more challenging.  If your family members are from Syria, we do not know when they may be allowed to enter the U.S. as refugees.
  • If your family member is from one of the countries that were banned from entering the United States, they will not be allowed to come to the United States until after the 90-day ban.  They may also be required to follow additional new procedures to apply for a visa to come to the U.S.